I am an old guy that loves to see the world around me through the lens of a Nikon and sometimes other cameras, both digital and yes even film. I like to blog a little on various topics, Backyard gardening, all things beer & home brewing, simple stuff and now my photography. My wife vaguely understands my need to publish….at best tolerates it to a degree. I hope that my blogging and other hobbies can carry me into my retirement years, keep my brain and body active and provides a sense of purpose.

If I can make you smile, say “Ahhhh!”, cause you to respond in words or share my “stuff” with others I have succeeded!

Go see more of my photos here;





7 thoughts on “About

    • I’m not seeing a link to the Texas sunsets to allow me to make a purchase. I’m interested in either 8 X 10 or 11 X 14 and prefer to do my own mat and frame. I will watch for your reply. thanks, Judi Koch

  1. Hello! I absolutely LOVE your pictures of the Texas sunsets, expecially the one with the pumpjack. I would like to purchase one and have it printed out on canvas. A pretty large size, maybe a little larger than 18x 20. Would this be possible? Thank you!

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